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Supreme Court Dam Fund Who Is Contributing What_
Supreme Court Dam Fund Who Is Contributing What

Supreme Court Dam Fund Who Is Contributing What?

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Diamer Bhasha And Mohmand Dams Fund – Who is Contributing What? Supreme Court dam fund status

OverView of About Diamer Bhasha And Mohmand Dams:

1-Capacity limit of the dams :

Diamer-Bhasha dam Power control project will have 8.1 million section of land feet (MAF) of gross water stockpiling limit. It will deliver 4500 megawatts power. On the opposite side, through Mohmand dam 1.2 million section of land feet water will be put away while it will provide 800MW of power. These projects without a doubt will help the administration in producing higher power and most essential of all they would improve in putting away water worth billions of dollars.

2-Cost of Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand Dam

Both the dams are very appropriate as they would satisfy numerous reasons. Also they w, ill be required to be built at the soonest as water worth billions of dollars is spent on yearly premise. As indicated by authorities, the aggregate expense of Diamer-Bhasha Dam is around Rs1450 billion. From this sum, Rs650 billion will be utilised for the development of a repository. On the opposite side, cost of Mohmand dam is Rs300 billion.



3-Sikh Community:

The Sikh people group from Canada has given 50,000 dollars to the dam assets in Pakistan. The Sikh people group living in Hamilton city of Canada gave over a check of 50,000 dollars to the Pakistani people group there. The gift will be given over to the Pakistan consulate in Canada so it could be transferred to the dam reserves.

4-Sikh fundraising Committee:


In the meantime, it is expected for from Shangla that students of government schools in Shangla district here on Thursday began a fundraising committee to drive for the development of dams in the nation. In this association, the students of Government Centennial Model High School Alpuri set up a camp outside the school building and formally began the drive for raising money. The district people additionally joined the camp and liberally offered gifts for the dam’s development. They likewise supported and hailed the understudies for the undertakings for a reason for the nation.— APP

As per the site of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the fund has gotten as much as Rs7.209 billion from Pakistani open for the development of the dams that would fill in as the supplies of water and would enhance the vitality area of the nation.

Who is Contributing What? 

The Boundaries of Minimalism
The Boundaries of Minimalism

Download Supreme court of Pakistan Fund Raising Status:

Dam Fund Report

Method of donation in Pakistan:


People can donate ten rupees to Supreme Court Diamer Basha and Mohmand Dam Fund by sending SMS from mobile phones to 8000.

User shall type “dam” and send SMS to 8000, and an amount of ten rupees will be deducted for Supreme Court of Pakistan Diamer Basha and Mohmand Dam Fund, and the user will receive a message “App Ka Dus Rupey Supreme Court of Pakistan Dam Fund main denay ka Shukria”.


Top 10 Contributors


Diamer-Basha Dam fund: Canadian Sikh community makes a big donation https://t.co/eL880mNPiT
— Times of Islamabad (@TimesofIslambad) November 1, 2018

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