Technological progression, CPEC sign to Pakistan’s development
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Technological progression, CPEC sign to Pakistan’s development

Technological progression, CPEC sign to Pakistan’s development

1- Technological advancement:


LAHORE: Technological advancement and therefore the China-Pakistan Economic passageway (CPEC) hold the key to the country’s progress, speakers at a moot united on Tuesday.

2- Pakistan Leadership spoke communication (PLC):

The conference ‘Pakistan Leadership spoke communication (PLC) 2018’ themed ‘Collective Vision for associate degree rising Pakistan’ was organized by the Association of leased Certified Accountants (ACCA), Pakistan. The discussion was aimed toward formulating forward-thinking policy selections to drive Pakistan’s economic process and social development.

3- Akhuwat Foundation Founder:

Akhuwat Foundation Founder Dr. Amjad Saqib was the guest of honor whereas Nestlé Islamic Republic of Pakistan Chief officer (CEO) and Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and business (OICCI) President Bruno Oilerhoek was the chief guest at the occasion. The welcome address was delivered by ACCA Islamic Republic of Pakistan Head Sajjeed Aslam.

4-  Two-panel discussions:

The first of the two panel discussions at the conference was titled “The Race for connexion – social, mobile, cloud and AI – talent needs”

 was supported by the importance of technology, data, social media, cloud and computer science (AI). The keynote speaker was Inov8 corporate executive Hasnain sheikh and therefore the discussion was tempered by ACCA Islamic Republic of Pakistan MENASA Regional Head of Members Affairs and support Haroon A Jan. The members of the panel enclosed Abacus Consulting administrator Abbas Ali Khan, stationery Chairman Zeshan Afzal, Excellence Delivered (EXD) corporate executive Sajjad Syed, Nestlé Islamic Republic of Pakistan Head of Finance and management Syed Saiful Islam and Finca branchless  Banking Business Head Tughral Ali.

5- Economic progress:

CPEC Infrastructure Projects

#Project NameProgress Update
1KKH Phase II (Thakot -Havelian Section)
  • Work commenced in September, 2016.
  • Contractor mobilized.
  • To be completed by March 2020.
  • Havelian- Abbotabad-Mansehra (39 KM) section will be completed in 2018
view details
2Peshawar-Karachi Motorway (Multan-Sukkur Section)
  • Construction works commenced in August, 2016
  • Contractor mobilized
  • Multan-Shujabad section inaugurated by Prime Minister on May 2018
  • Completion planned in August 2019
view details
3Khuzdar-Basima Road N-30 (110 km)
  • Feasibility and PC-I completed
  • LOI forwarded to Chinese side
  • Procedural formalities to be completed shortly (ECNEC approved the projects in May 2017)
  • Frame Work Agreement shared with Chinese Side
view details
4Upgradation of D.I.Khan (Yarik) – Zhob, N-50 Phase-I (210 km)
  • PC-I Approved by ECNEC on 12th April, 2017.
  • Land acquisition in Progress.
  • Frame work Agreement Forwarded to MOC.


view details
5KKH Thakot-Raikot N35 remaining portion (136 Km)
  • Feasibility and PC-I completed
  • LOI forwarded to Chinese side
  • Procedural formalities to be completed shortly
view details
Rail Sector Projects
6Expansion and reconstruction of existing Line ML-1
  • Feasibility completed
  • ML-1 Project declared ‘Strategic’ by 6th JCC in Beijing
  • Framework Agreement on ML-1 signed on 15th May 2017 during PM Visit to China
  • Commercial Contract for Preliminary Design signed on 15th May, 2017
  • Project will be completed in 2 phases
  • PC-1 of Phase-1 approved by CDWP in May 2018
  • Expected COD 2022
view details
7Havelian Dry port (450 M. Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units)
  • Feasibility completed
  • Project to be put on fast track
  • Framework agreement signed in May 2017
view details
8Capacity Development of Pakistan Railways
  • Focus groups be established for effective training and capacity enhancement
view details

The panel mentioned the importance of the new trends in technology and therefore the importance of maintaining up to now with them to confirm the economic progress of the country. Abacus Consulting administrator Abbas Ali Khan aforesaid that “The importance of technology and AI has accumulated within the recent years. Because of the big inflow of knowledge, it’s become not possible to humanly interpret and be of huge information, hence, what we’d like is that the facility of technology, computers and AI to raise analyse and be of the what the information is implying.”

For More Information Please Visit CPEC Website

“Efficient and effective analysis of knowledge doesn’t solely need the proper tools, however conjointly needs the interpreter to raise the proper queries. verity sense of knowledge will ne’er be created if the incorrect queries square measure asked,”

On the opposite hand, Finca branchless  Banking Business Head Tughral Ali stressed the requirement for asking the proper queries.  he declared. Moreover, Tughral Ali conjointly stressed the importance of guaranteeing information security.

“I have worked in the telecommunication sector, and it’s terrifying to ascertain the number of knowledge these corporations have involving their shoppers. In such a state of affairs protective the purchaser’s privacy and therefore the information ought to be the utmost priority, and policies ought to be devised to confirm that.”

When asked that to whom the information Finca gathers belongs to and what the organisation is doing to confirm its confidentiality, he replied that the data is that the property of the organisation that features a strict policy not to share it with any third party. However, the sides that in some cases to deliver price many parties get along and there’s a desire to work out what must be tired such eventualities.

Tughral Ali and Zeshan Afzal conjointly stressed the requirement to figure towards the inclusion of rural economy into the thought economy whereas EXD corporate executive Sajjad Syed viewed the event of human capital because the most vital issue to extend the economic process.

6- Panel discussion:

The second-panel discussion titled, ‘CPEC – Belt and Road Initiative – the square measure we tend to able to ride the wave of growth’ was tempered by Abacus Consulting Regional Director Muslim Asad. CAMCO corporate executive Ayla Majid was the keynote speaker. Members of the panel enclosed geographical area Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT) corporate executive Jahanzeb Burana, CPEC Project Director Hassan Daud Butt, MLCC Senior Partner Omer Zaheer Meer, Rozee. Pk Founder Monis Rahman and syndicate for Development Policy Research unearned Fellow Hassan Khawar.


7- Number of its industries:


The PBIT corporate executive known that the textile, cement and therefore the fertilizer sectors square measure expected to learn the foremost from the passageway, but within the long-standing time supplying and transportation sector are expected to expertise growth. He conjointly sides that the services sector may additionally probably profit if the Chinese government decides to relocate a number of its industries to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

8- CPEC project:

CPEC Energy Projects

#Project NameProgress UpdatePicturesDetails
12×660MW Coal-fired Power Plants at Port Qasim Karachi
  • Financial Closed (FC) achieved
  • Civil works on site started in May 2015
  • Jetty completed
  • Plant 2 months ahead of schedule
  • Energization in October 2017
  • Ist Unit Inagurated in November 2017
  • Second Unit Commercial Operation Date (COD) 25th April 2018
  • Project completed 67 days ahead of schedule
  • Current Status: Operational
view details
2Suki Kinari Hydropower Station, Naran,Khyber Pukhtunkhwa
  • Financial Close achieved on 31st December 2016
  • Land acquisition award announced on 17th Nov, 2016
  • Construction work under way
  • Expected Commercial Operation Date (COD) December 2022
view details
3Sahiwal 2x660MW Coal-fired Power Plant, Punjab
  • Financial Closed (FC) achieved on December  2015
  • Project Completed in 28th October 2017
  • Project has been connected to National grid
  • Current Status: Operational
view details
4Engro Thar Block II 2×330MW Coal fired Power Plant
TEL 1×330MW Mine Mouth Lignite Fired Power Project at Thar Block-II, Sindh, Pakistan
ThalNova 1×330MW Mine Mouth Lignite Fired Power Project at Thar Block-II, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Financial Closed (FC) achieved in April, 2016.
  • Construction work in progress.
  • Construction of Transmission line-contract awarded. Contractor mobilized
  • Commercial Operation Date (COD) June, 2019
view details
Surface mine in block II of Thar Coal field, 3.8 million tons/year
  • Financial close attained in April 2016
  • IA/EA signed
  • Mining work in progress
  • 3.8 metric tons per annum (MTPA)
  • Thar Block II Unearths Coal on 10th June 2018
  • Commercial Operation Date (COD) expected December,2018
view details
5Hydro China Dawood Wind Farm(Gharo, Thatta)
  • Financial Closed (FC) achieved on March 27, 2015
  • Commercial Operation Date (COD) attained 5th April, 2017
  • Current Status: Operational 
view details
6300MW Imported Coal Based Power Project at Gwadar, Pakistan
  • LOI was issued on 26th May  2017
  • PPIB Board in its 117th meeting has approved extension in the validity of the LOI up to 25th November 2018
    LOI extension issued on 20th July 2018
  • Site finalized by CCCC
  • Section IV for land acquisition reprocessed by Deputy Commissioner for 200 acres
  • Balochistan Environmental Protection Agency (BEPA) has accorded its Environmental Approval to the Power Project on 6th July 2018
  • NEPRA’s tariff determination is in process
view details
7Quaid-e-Azam 1000MW Solar Park (Bahawalpur) Quaid-e-Azam
  • COD of 3 x 100 MW attained in August 2016.
view details
8UEP Wind Farm (Jhimpir, Thatta)
  • Financial Closed (FC) achieved on March 30, 2015
  • Commercial Operation Date (COD) : 16th June, 2017
  • Current Status: Operational
view details
9Sachal Wind Farm (Jhimpir, Thatta)
  • Financial Closed (FC) achieved on December 18, 2015
  • Commercial Operation Date (COD) attained 11 April, 2017
  • Current Status: Operational 
view details
10SSRL Thar Coal Block-I 6.8 mtpa &SEC Mine Mouth Power Plant(2×660MW) (Shinghai)
  • Financial Close of Plant and Mine second quarter of  2017.
  • Mine Commercial production is expected by 2019.
  • Plant Expected Commercial Operation Date (COD) 2018/2019.
view details
11Karot Hydropower Station
  • Land acquisition award done.
  • Financial Close achieved on 22nd February 2017.
  • Construction of access road/bridge, concrete batching plant, diversion tunnel and spillway,  etc. are in process.
  • Work initiated through equity – 41% civil works completed.
  • Expected Commercial Operation Date (COD) December 2021.
view details
12Three Gorges Second Wind Power Project
Three Gorges Third Wind Power Project
  • LOS issued  in August 2016.
  • EPA initialed on 30th November, 2016.
  • Financial Close March 2017.
  • COD: Three Gorges Second Wind Farm(TGTWF) : 30th June, 2018
  • COD: Three Gorges Third Wind Farm(TGTWF):      9th July, 2018
  • Current Status: Operational
view details
13CPHGC 1,320MW Coal-fired Power Plant, Hub,Balochistan
  • IA/ Power Purchase Agreement Signed on 25th January 2017
  • LOS issued on 12th April 2016; 1st extension to LOS issued on 24th January 2017
  • Ground breaking ceremony held on 21 March 2017
  • Expected Commercial Operation Date (COD)  660 MW Dec 2018, 660 MW Aug 2019
view details
14Matiari to Lahore ±660kV HVDC Transmission Line Project
  • Feasibility study completed
  • Tariff determined by NEPRA
  • TSA/IA initialed in December 2016
  • Land acquisition for converter stations at Lahore and Matiari completed
  • Agreement signed between PPIB and State Grid of China on May 2018
  • Expected COD in March 2021
view details
Matiari (Port Qasim) —Faisalabad Transmission Line Project
  • Feasibility study completed
  • Decision on tariff review petition announced by NEPRA
  • COD expected in 2018 / 2019
  • TSA/IA initialed during 6th JCC
  • China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Company(CET) / State Grid nominated by Chinese side
view details
15Thar Mine Mouth Oracle Power Plant ( 1320MW) & surface mine
  • Feasibility stage tariff obtained for coal.
  • Shareholding agreement on new equity partners in process.
  • Under issuance of NTP/LOI.
view details

CPEC-Energy Actively Promoted Projects

#Project NameProgress UpdatePicturesDetails
16Kohala Hydel Project, AJK
  • Feasibility Study (stage-1) Tariff Announced by NEPRA
  • Land Acquisition process started
  • Environmental NOC issued  by AJ&K EPA
    Financial close planned in Dec 2018
  • Expected Commercial Operation Date (COD) 2025
view details
17Rahimyar khan imported fuel Power Plant 1320 MW
  • Project is listed as actively promoted project
  • LOI by GoP issued


view details
18Cacho 50MW Wind Power Project
  • LOI Stage
view details
19Western Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. 50MW Wind Power Project
  • LOI stage


view details

CPEC-Potential Energy Projects

#Project NameProgress UpdatePicturesDetails
20Phandar Hydropower Station
  • Under review of experts from both sides
view details
21Gilgit KIU Hydropower
  • Under review of experts from both sides
view details


The CPEC project director once asked concerning the steps the govt. is taking to confirm the success of CPEC, aforesaid that “The government is holding a series of discussions, visiting all the chambers and is consulting the non-public sector to require their input and inform them concerning the opportunities that CPEC offers.”

“Special Economic Zones (SEZs) square measure key pillars of CPEC. In the geographical area already one SEZ has been established with major brands returning in. We tend to decide to hinge on this momentum and square measure wanting to partner with Chinese developers World Health Organization will facilitate the United States in developing SEZs moreover as attracting the proper styles of industries from China,” MLCC Senior Partner Omer Zaheer Meer side.

On the opposite hand, Monis Rahman, the founding father of stressed the requirement to capture jobs that square measure created as a result of the passageway.

“Currently there square measure two styles of booms going down in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. One is that the economic boom because of CPEC, the opposite is its multiplier factor result on job creation. We’d like to seize this chance in an exceedingly deliberate method, and therefore the government should play away additional progressive role during this matter. Recently Saudi Arabia launched ‘Saudisation’ policy beneath that companies have to be compelled to use a definite proportion of Saudi staff. Such a policy ought to even be enforced in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,” he said. 

The CPEC project director whereas replying to Monis’s comments assured that incentives could solely tend to those organization’s that use eighty percent of locals in their workforce.

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